How does the newsletter work?

If your school has the newsletter feature turned on (it is by default), every sunday morning, the system will send a message to all the parents.

The message includes the following:

  • Any upcoming events that are pertinent to that parent. This means that if the parent has a second grader, and there is an upcoming event for the second grade, than the newsletter will include information about that event. This is also true for events entered for a homeroom/classroom, groups, and the whole school. Parents will not receive notifications about events that are unrelated to their students. For example, if they don’t have a 3rd grader, they won’t receive notifications about 3rd grade events.
  • Any events that they receive notifications about that include volunteer opportunities, they will also receive information about those opportunities. Events that require volunteers will have a “Volunteers Needed” link. Clicking the link will take the user to the volunteer opportunities for that event.
  • Any messages that were marked to be included in the newsletter.

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